Pegasus is Transparency Capital's new product democratizing the access to Private Equity through a listed bond (“Pegasus”) on the regulated Euro MTF market in Luxembourg.

Pegasus gives investors the opportunity to be exposed to two best in-class international asset managers and to be exposed to the AI revolution through a listed investment support offering accessible entry ticket, strong capital preservation safeguards, attractive returns and some of the lowest fees in the market with no performance and exit fees.

Pegasus Key Characteristics

Product: A €300m bond listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Investment ticket: Min. €150,000 at issue and then continuous listing in tranches of €1,000

Product Structuration:

  • 70% invested in euro sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt securities rated investment grade through a dedicated fund managed by CPR AM
  • 30% invested in AIC II, a fund specializing in Artificial Intelligence managed by Alpha Intelligence Capital

Target Returns: Attractive returns with a target net IRR >+10% and a target annual coupon of 3%

Strong focus on capital preservation with:

  • The 70% tranche invested in sovereign debt secures the initial investment
  • No reinvestments and regular distributions
  • Initial investment early repayment target in year 6

Fees: Enter fee: 100bps / Management fee: 50bps / Listing & Paying fees: 25bps


  • Subscription Period: From March 18th, 2024 to september.


Aliénor Kuentz - Agence Shan

+33 (0)6 28 81 30 83

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